By August 13, 2018ManzCoin Lit

on april 11, i birthed manzcoin into this world & changed the crypto game forever. as we all know, manzcoin fever spread like the bubonic plague & the 69 coinz were sold rapidly.

since then, h8rz have began crawling out of the woodwork to try to take us down. my former behind-the-scenez colleague charles ver tried to backstab me with the release of manzcoin cash, a dumb idea i immediately rejected. then mcdonaldz released the “maccoin”–a total physical shitcoin that shared way 2 many similaritiez 2 manzcoin 2 be a coincidence.

none of these attackz truly threatened the sanctity of manzcoin & our position atop the physical crypto mountain, but it did get me thinkin about scalability issuez. manzcoin has performed incredibly as a store of value, but w only 69 made, it was not deliverin as a medium of exchange. manzcoin holderz & fondlerz have wisely placed their coinz in freezing cold storage and have been rewarded 4 their investment handsomly & beautifuly.

but 4 manzcoin 2 truly revolutionize global currency & exchange, we need more userz & we need more coinz…

thus MANZCOIN LIT🔥 was born. it’s the same gr8 manzcoin technology, but with a silver finish. the silver, to manzcoin’s gold, if u will.

let me be clear, manzcoin lit does not diminish manzcoin or deplete itz value. they r complimenting currenciez. you hodl ur manzcoin, you trade & exchange ur manzcoin lit.

if u r interested in purchasing a manzcoin lit, simply email me at

if you own an original manzcoin, you can purchase one manzcoin lit at a discount ($15.69+S&H). anyone new 2 the manzcoin family (or manzcoin ownerz wanting more than one manzcoin lit), can acquire one for $20.69+S&H.

the future of manzcoin is here & it’z lit🔥🔥🔥




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