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April 2018

Updatez: 1 Week Down

By | Updatez

manzcoin™ nation,

it has been 1 week since the prestigious announcement of manzcoin & the tremorz r bein reverberated throughout the cryptocurrency space. the coin has correctly been hailed as the next gr8 thing in crypto & the savior to the inevitable collapse of the global financial system. w/ so much already accomplished in such a short amount of time, i wanted to catch everyone1 up to speed on the developmentz as well as preview some thingz to cum…

  • 24 coinz sold. private presale 4 accredited investorz ending thur 4/19

    this will be ur last opportunity to purchase manzcoin at an absurdly low price (email 4 private presale oppz). after thursday we will be holding official initial coin offeringz at specific prize pointz. we will also be holding a few flash salez (the first of which will be on friday 4/20 – chilllllllllll).

  • the manzcoin ledger is updated.

    u can keep track of the current ownerz of manzcoin via THIS link. remember, thankz to our zero proof of knowledge privacy feature, ownerz can choose how to be listed on the ledger depending on the level of anonymity they require.

  • a manzcoin w/o an official coin certificate is worthless.

    every manzcoin is accompanied by a coin certifiicate. this is ur private key & ensurez the validity of ur coin & investment. if u purchase a manzcoin on a secondary black market make sure it is a certified coin.

  • manzcoin is not a “golf ball marker.”

    it is absurd that i would even have to clarify that such a statement is ridiculous & yet here we r. a manzcoin is to be hodld. to be fondld. to be placed in cold storage 4 safe keeping or placed as a hood ornament on ur lambo. it is not to be some vehicle to remember where ur ballz r. in fact, if u think manzcoin’z “killer app” is as a golf marker, id argue u never had any ballz to remember in the 1st place.

  • tell ur favorite companiez they need to accept manzcoin.

    4 manzcoin to truly topple existing financial institutionz we will need to establish the coin as a medium of exchange. plz tell ur favorite businessez on twitter that if they aren’t making arrangementz 2 accept manzcoin, they will be left in the dust in the same way email rendered the pony express nothing more than an excuse 4 men to dress up like government workerz & ride horsiez.

  • the government is already trying to crack down on manzcoin.

    i received notice that the government has intercepted packagez containing manzcoinz & r already in discussionz to regulate it. this of course bodez well 4 the currency–they r tryin to squash it only bc they feel threatened by it. but this also meanz there will be more unforseen roadblockz. stay vigilant & protect ur manzcoinz at all costz. civil forfeiture is a real thing we all saw it on john oliver that one time & manzcoin could be next if u dont watch out.

  • bitcoin bounty.

    up to this pt all manzcoin purchasez have been facilitated through peter thiel’z “venmo for old ppl” & i would prefer to transact in cryptocurrenciez if possible. to incentivize purchaserz–i will offer a $5 fiat discount on the current price of a manzcoin 4 those who pay in bitcoin (or potcoin/titcoin).

4 more up to the minute newz about manzcoin–including the upcoming flash salez–u can follow me on the subsequent platformz:

get paid get laid,

the manz

The ManzCoin Public Privacy Ledger

By | Public Ledger

Sup homiez,

We will keep a running list of all the prestigious ManzCoin ownerz in this space, provided of course that they want their identity to be known. If not, they can decide whether to be listed as “ananymous” or a pseudonymz of their choosing…


  1. Pete Manzinelli aka The Manz (Genesis Coin)
  2. Ryan Hodgez (Website Design Block Reward)
  3. Doug Polkz
  4. Buzz Aldrinz
  5. Jonny Balez
  6. Adam Levitanz
  7. CSURam88z
  8. Josh Hermzmeyerz
  9. 22jasin22
  10. Joseph “Glass Joe” Glass
  11. Johnny Ringoz
  12. Johnny Ringoz
  13. C.D. Carterz
  14. Mike-Gross-024.96
  15. PopularFFWriter
  16. Barry Noyce
  17. Barry Noyce
  18. @DTC_JohnMoeser
  19. @DTC_JohnMoeser
  20. Pat Kerranez
  21. Nick Papagiorgio
  22. Jake Jelsonez
  23. anon
  24. anon
  25. kv_smoove
  26. Matt Blairz
  27. Daj5mg
  28. Hasan Rahimz (HACKED)
  29. Rummy Manzinelli
  30. Jake Kuykendallz
  31. Vic Banghet
  32. Vic Banghet
  33. Vic Banghet
  34. Vic Banghet
  35. Joshua Bergeronz
  36. International Fantasy Leaguez
  37. Mike Leonez
  38. Jeff Boskiz
  39. Matt Freedmanz
  40. Aaron Jonez
  41. Barry Noyce
  42. Barry Noyce
  43. Barry Noyce
  44. d’River
  45. Ben Overzetz
  46. Scott Fishz
  47. Jake Jelsonez
  48. Johnny Ringoz
  49. Johnny Ringoz
  50. Johnny Ringoz
  51. Johnny Ringoz
  52. Justin Herzigz
  53. Grizzly Adamz
  54. Rob Y.
  55. -Night King-
  56. winter is coming
  57. James McCuez
  58. John Suttonz
  59. Dave Kitchenz
  60. Chittay Reid / IFL Studios (AIRDROP GIVEAWAY)
  61. _Coffee4Closers
  62. Kansas Chittay Curt
  63. Wyoming
  64. Wyoming
  65. Sammy Reidz
  67. Pete Manzinelli aka The Manz
  68. A Texan



Manz PO Box:
Pete Manzinelli
P.O. Box 66283
Auburndale, MA 02466