ManzCoin NFTz

The world’z 1st digital NFT of a physical cryptocurrency. Pete Manzinelli flipped the entire crypto space on itz head with the invention of the Manzcoin & now he’ll do the same thing to NFTittiez. Only 200 exist.


Manzcoin NFTz is a revolutionary non-fungible token that is a digital representation of a physical cryptocurrency that is a physical representation of a digital cryptocurrency.

OpenSeaz Marketplace

Manzcoin NFTz are available to buy & sell on the OpenSeaz marketplace. Unlike most disengenuous NFT projectz, Manz encourages flipperz. I get 2.69% of every sale & it should honestly be more but I’m a chill bro.


Only 200 Manzcoin NFTz exist. If you missed out on the Manzcoin OG (limited edition of 69), this your chance to get in on the ground floor. Get paid, get laid.

True Ownership

Each Manzcoin NFTz containz a unique serial number that is immutablez & will forever exist on the blockchain until the grid does down & we must eat each other. But until then, this shit is permanent.

The Community

The #1 reason I did this project was for the money to build a great community. Manzcoin ownerz, and now Manzcoin NFTz ownerz, represent the ultimate crusherz; the .069% of the population who truly know how to flex on the h8rz.

The Art

NFTz are like, all about art and artist’s cutting out the middlemanz so they can get more rich than they would otherwise. The ManzCoin NFTz was forged using groundbreaking 3D design technology. It is a glistening beacon; a talismanz for those who desire to get paid & get laid.

Purchase a ManzCoin NFTz


The current price of ManzCoin NFTz: .069 ETH

Only 200 Manzcoin NFTz were minted. Each contains a unique serial number. The majority are listed for .069 ETH. The #69 edition will be auctioned off (& subsequently burned if we don’t hit the reserve price). The remaining supply will be used for giveawayz and as giftz to big influencerz who can further my agenda. 

Original purchaserz will receive a physical Manzcoin to accompany their corresponding NFT. A form to fill out is unlocked at time of purchase on OpenSeaz. Shipping outside the United Statez is not included & will require additional chargez.




1/ Here’s why I’d trade my Alien for a Manzcoin NFTz…

Peruggia, Cryptopunk Owner

I wish I had 1/69th of Manz’s creative vision.


Manz is a generational talent & I'm bullish on Manzcoin NFTz.


What do we have to do to get Manzcoin NFTz on FLOW?


We hate to admit it, but Manzcoin is actually the 1st NFTz.

Larva Labs

I wish I would have saved that $69 million for the #69 edition of Manzcoin NFTz.


A bet on the Manzcoin NFT is a bet on the entire NFT space.

Gary Vee

The History of Manzcoin

The genesis story:

NFTz Minted
Physical Manzcoinz Activated

Physical Manzcoin Activation

Each original purchase of the 200 ManzCoin NFTz unlocks a physical Manzcoin to be sent via mail. Upon purchase on OpenSeaz, a form will be unlocked to fill out & activate the physical token.

Resale purcharers not eligible. Shipping within the US is included. Outside the US will require additional shipping chargez.

Physical Manzcoinz

ManzCoin NFTz Roadmap

  • Launch (4/2 @ 4:20pm ET) – Manz NFTz are available to buy & sell on OpenSea. 
  • ManzCoin #69 Auction – A 10 day auction for the #69 ManzCoin beginz.
  • Marketing Turned On – The most famous celebritiez & investorz in the world tout Manzcoin NFTz. 
  • CNBC Appearance – CNBC invitez Manz on their program.
  • Everyone
  • Gets
  • Paid
  • &
  • Gets
  • Laid

About The Manz

Pete Manzinelli aka The Manz is a world-renowned poker, DFS & crypto crusher. He has been featured on Poker Night In America, Poker GO, the Gambling Olympicz, & your mom.