ManzCoin & ManzCoin Lit

First there was Bitcoin. Then there were Altcoinz. Then there was MANZCOIN, the world’z 1st physical cryptocurrency. Now there is MANZCOIN LIT. Coinz for true crushers from the ultimate crusher, Pete Manzinelli aka The Manz.


ManzCoin is a revolutionary new coin that actually existz in physical form unlike all of these other make believe bullshit coinz.


It’z the 1st ever decentralized bro-to-bro cryptocurrency that you can hold in your handz, smell with your nose, and balance on your cock (or titz).


It’z a 2-inch, shiny gold, quantum-resistant, ass-backed coin that should be protected in cold storage (a freezer, or more preferably, a cryogenic chamber) or put on display in your lambo.

Censorship Resistant

No central authority regulatez the monetary base and this fixed supply ensurez the currency is deflationary, erotic, and censorship resistant sound money that’z unseizable by any government or dictator on the planet.

Mining Pool

The coinz are mined & distributed by the coin’s founder, CEO and lead developer, Pete Manzinelli aka The Manz. Prospective buyers can also mine coinz by sharing videos about why a “Manzcoin should be mine.”

Get Paid Get Laid

ManzCoin is your path to not only financial freedom & to be major player in a new global currency, but the path to something far more important and actually the most important thing in life: getting paid & getting laid.

Purchase a ManzCoin Lit

The current price of ManzCoin Lit is: wildly fluctuating based on market demandz

Investorz interested should contact Manz now to complete the sale.

Stay up to date by following Manz on Twitter, IG, Telegram, and Youtube for important announcementz.

Unlike centralized exchangez, all Manz Coin purchasez will take place in a decentralized manner where you e-mail Pete Manzinelli directly and settle up with your preferred method: Fiat (Paypal) or Bitcoin/Potcoin/Titcoin.

A separate fee for shipping & handling will also be required as this is not a charity.

Accepted at strip clubz, marijuana dispensariez, vape shopz, liquor storez & more.


I sold all of my Litecoin to capitalize on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Charlie Lee, Litecoin Founder

The price of ManzCoin is poised to whipsaw through the parabolic channel and enter a blowjob top

Parabolic Trav

ManzCoin is Satoshi’s true erection.

Roger Ver

Only 69 ManzCoinz ever? Nice!

Rob Gronkowski

I’ll eat my own dick if each ManzCoin isn’t worth one trillion dollars by 2020

John McAfee

Whoa, I should make a vid about ManzCoin

Doug Polk

ManzCoin Lit is litty as a fuckin' titty.

Josh Hermsmeyer


Check out the nicest & whitest of whitepaperz in the crypto space:

Coinz Mined
Coinz Sold


ManzCoin utilizez a combination of zsnarkz & zero knowledge cryptographic proofz to ensure the privacy of each transaction & owner.

Each ManzCoin owner will have the option to be listed below on a public privacy ledger as an owner (by a name of their choice) or simply as “unknown” to ensure anonymity…

Click here to see a list of all the prestigious ManzCoin ownerz

ManzCoin Roadmap

  • Phase 0 (COMPLETED) – Founder’z Fee: Manz premines 1 of the 69 coins (The Genesis Coin) to do with as he pleasez.
  • Phase 1 (COMPLETED) – Coin Announced (people flock to and Manz’s Youtube)
  • Phase 2 (COMPLETED) – Private Sale for Accredited Investorz (e-mail
  • Phase 3 (ONGOING) – ICO Round 1: an exclusive coin offering
  • Phase 4 – ICO Round 2: an exclusive 10 coin offering
  • Phase 5 – Get Paid
  • Phase 6 – ManzCoin Listed On An Exchange 
  • Phase 7-68 – Get More Paid
  • Phase 69 – Get Laid
  • Phase 70 – ManzCoin Lit Launch

Tech Specz

Size: 2 inches
Material: shiny gold (ManzCoin) & shiny silver (ManzCoin Lit)
Inscription: “ManzCoin” + “$MANZ” (front); “Get Paid, Get Laid” + “In Manz We Trust” (back)

Accepted at strip clubz, marijuana dispensariez, vape shopz, liquor storez & more.

World class talent & ass

Meet our team

Pete Manzinelli aka The Manz aka Satoshi Strong

Founder, CEO, & Lead Developer

Satoshi Nakamoto

DJ and CEO Emeritus

Dennis Rodman

Potcoin Partner

Katy Perry

Fingernail Marketing

James Altucher

Google Advertising Advisor

Brock Pierce

Fedora Consultant

Trevon James

Social Media Expert

Ryan Hodgez

Website Maven